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No. He is not. Seriously. However, according to at least some in the mainstream media, he is. 

I came across this article on where the Washington Post, a supposed reputable source of factual information, says the President Trump is “complicit” in Hurricanes (“extreme weather”.) Being a fact checker, and not one to buy into off the wall conspiracy theories (which I personally believe that man-made global warming is), I headed over to the Washington Post post. You can read it here. And, sure enough.

Yet when it comes to extreme weather, Mr. Trump is complicit. He plays down humans’ role in increasing the risks, and he continues to dismantle efforts to address those risks. It is hard to attribute any single weather event to climate change. But there is no reasonable doubt that humans are priming the Earth’s systems to produce disasters.” exlaimed the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board of the Washington Post actually believes that. A media outlet that people, a lot of people, buy into, arguably pushing an Al Gore failed agenda.

This graphic, courtesy of LongRangeWeather, demonstrates that, indeed, there is a natural cycle of warming and cooling. And actually, global temperatures cooled from 2016 to 2017 from 58.69 to 58.51 degrees.

Now, they do state that certain aspects of society could be contributing, such as deforestation and asphalt replacing natural grass. I agree with that assessment. However, is the “editorial board” at the Washington Post willing to go without cars? Without roads? Back to horseback and walking? I highly doubt it. They may be on board to helping prevent some deforestation. But, when it comes to building their houses or apartments, I would argue that they will choose the house and or apartment. The contributions that humankind have towards global warming are so called “creature comforts” that I do not see any American willingly giving up. I have lived in the wilderness with lanterns and wood burning stoves. Man-Made water system that we manually filled up. I have no problem giving it all up. But, can you imagine Maxine Waters doing that? How about Robert De Niro? Um. No.

Now that I have covered the global warming farce (which, by the way, is just another way from Al Gore and his protégé groups to get money) let’s move on to the Hurricane itself.

I have heard from friends that news media has asked, “have you ever seen a Hurricane so bad?!” I cannot find, in a quick search, evidence of that, however, if it was indeed asked. I say, yes. My generation has. Hurricane Andrew (1992 (Category 5)), Hurricane Katrina (2005 (Category 5)), Hurricane Irma (2017), Hurricane Wilma (2005, 183.30 mph winds), I could continue, but I believe that the point has been made. There have been stronger hurricanes throughout history.

In fact, dangerous, intense and destructive hurricanes date back as long as hurricane records do. For instance, the third most intense hurricane on record is simply “the labor day” hurricane. It formed and struck land long before hurricanes were given names, in 1935. It was actually stronger than Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Camille. It had winds of 185 mph, and storm surges of up to twenty feet. Ernest Hemingway wrote, “We made five trips with provisions for survivors to different places but nothing but dead men to eat the grub.”

In 1900, Galveston Texas was “decimated” by an unnamed hurricane, killing more than six thousand people. It was not the most intense in United States or Atlantic history, but was one of, if not the, most devastating between destruction and loss of life. For the record, factory was still in its infancy, at best, in 1900. 

Many will argue, after reading the Washington Post opinion piece, that they were only referring to North Carolina. After all, they said “… it will be the strongest storm on record to land so far north.” That is not accurate. 

Hurricane Floyd is the costliest (to date) Hurricane to hit North Carolina. Primarily due to flooding and sheer monetary damage. However, the third most intense hurricane to hit North Carolina (source) was Hurricane Hazel, with winds up to 150mph, and storm surge of 18 feet. Oh yes, and this Hurricane impacted North Carolina in 1954. At the time of landfall, Hurricane Florence was a Category 3 hurricane, Hurricane Hazel? A category 4. Hurricane Floyd was still a category 2 hurricane when it hit North Carolina. 

The mainstream media and global warming enthusiasts throughout the United States take joy in pointing to major natural disasters and attempting to blame man for those said disasters. They want nothing more than to blame the GOP (for whatever reason) for every natural disaster, an example was Hurricane Harvey. In every case however, they are wrong. There have been natural disasters throughout the history of the earth, even well before mankind. 

As long as the earth exists, even after humans become extinct, there will be violent hurricanes, volcanos, and all other natural disasters. It is the nature of the earth. They have existed throughout history. Unfortunately, no school teaches factual history in today’s age – at least not k-12. Colleges may, but they tilt it and omit to serve their purposes, or so it seems.

Mankind will never have more than a minimal impact on the earth. And that impact does not come from factories, or coal (a natural occurrence.) It comes from asphalt (according to this there are more than 2.7 million roads in America, and 94% paved with asphalt), buildings, houses, people living on the ocean (beaches) and all of the “creature comforts” of the 21st century that even the most hardcore Al Gorian will refuse to part with.

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