Bob Iger Politicizes The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company, and in reality, Walt Disney himself, created a place in the Walt Disney World where children and adults alike can go and forget the reality of this cruel world. If for no more than a fleeting moment in their life, they can live their dreams and just forget everything else. Those dreams and memories should not be tarnished by the political opinions of one man, the Walt Disney Company CEO, Bob Iger.

I have never shied away from expressing my opinions about The Walt Disney World, and the fantastically awesome company that they are to work for, let alone visit on vaction.

I have an entire post dedicated to the Walt Disney Company, and the type of employer that they are. They allow freedom in getting your role done. The Walt Disney Company respects their Cast Members. They care about their Cast Members.

Unfortunately, with any great company, you get bad apples, and people that are ignorant to what they should be mindful of, and the Walt Disney Company, unfortunately, is not immune to these people. As unfortunate is when these people are the top echelon of Cast Members, trusted to continue the legacy of Walt Disney himself.

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