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The Story Of Andrew Gillum | The Recreational Writer |

As, not only a native Floridian, but, also a native Tallahassee resident,  I feel obligated to dispel the myths, and bring up actual serious and very concerning historical facts from the tenure of Andrew Gillum as Tallahassee’s Mayor. As has been covered locally, statewide and nationwide, Mayor Gillum’s government has been, and is still currently, being investigated by the FBI. Even if the Mayor is being honest, and has no knowledge that he funded, with tax-payer money, the over two million dollar renovation of a restaurant owned by his friend, then he at very least has shown his inability to lead for being ignorant to it. But, that is only one leaf of one tree foreshadowing Mayor Gillum, the Democratic Party, and George Soros’ pick, for Governor of Florida. Continue reading for a historical look of what Mayor Andrew Gillum has done, or not done, for Tallahassee.

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