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#Democrats Are The Party Of Hate & Intolerance – A Time Line | The Recreational Writer |

Back during the 2016 election cycle, Hillary Clinton infamously declared half of America as a “basket of deplorables” declaring that they were racists, xenophobes and homophobes. There has been much written and spoken by opinion-based (rather than fact based) television CNN talk show hosts Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper and MSNBC non-fact talk show hosts Mika and Joe, Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes, to name a few, declaring that white men are the “biggest terror threat” in America. And of course, only conservative white men – I am guessing that is how his husband Anderson Cooper gets a free pass.

Despite the propaganda talk show hosts claims, are conservatives actually intolerant, hateful people – especially conservative white men? Not quite. Let us take a look back through recent years, and the occurrences of hateful and intolerant rhetoric, and where in which they came from.

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The #Hypocrisy Of The Left – Is It Real? | The Recreational Writer |

Newly “elected” Congress representative Ilhan Omar, recently posted the following on liberal social media platform Twitter:

“Kirstjen Nielsen went to a prep school where tuition costs more than what a family of 4 at the poverty line makes in a year. I’m sure she can’t imagine what she would do if she had a child whose only fate was to live a life of desperate poverty, starve or be murdered by a gang.”

I’ve decided to take this in two separate statements, and show the sheer hypocrisy of both statements that Ilhan Omar stated, matter-of-factly I might ad.

First, we have the statement that “Kirsjen Nielson went to a prep school where tuition costs more than what a family of 4 at the poverty line makes in a year.” This raises numerous red flags for Ilhan Omar. Lets look at these red flags, and the hypocrisy that they represent.

First, Ms. Nielson is the sixth, and current, Department of Homeland Security Secretary. Ilhan Omar seemingly is referring to Ms. Nielson’s attending the Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa Florida. In all likelihood, Omar is critical not because she attended a prep school, but that she attended one that was Catholic.

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Tom Arnold Seeking Tapes on Donald Trump | The Recreational Writer |

I was watching television tonight and saw that Tom Arnold has a new show out on some un-watched cable television channel (Viceland?) called “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes.” In one description I saw, it said that he was seeking tapes on President Trump’s “bad behavior.” Tom Arnold must be a voice for righteousness, morals and an expert at Presidential behavior. Obviously, with his hard-core investigative journalism.

However, I must ask Mr. Arnold, where were you, standing up for women, decency, and morals of the office in the 1990’s? Where was this hardcore investigative journalism that you now embrace since it is someone that you, personally, do not like that holds the Office?

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Why Are the Elite Liberals so Angry? Using Tom Arnold and Robert DeNiro as Primary Example | The Recreational Writer |

Why Are the Elite Liberals so Angry? Using Tom Arnold and Robert DeNiro as Primary Example | The Recreational Writer |

***THIS ARTICLE INCLUDES MY PERSONAL OPINIONS. I do attempt – with this and all posts – to back up my thoughts and opinions based on historical records and facts. However, it is still my opinion. I choose to write out my thoughts on this blog, and sharing a link on Facebook rather than the contents itself, so that if you do not agree, you can easily skip.***

This is actually a legitimate question. It’s not sarcastic in any way whatsoever. I am truly trying to understand why the liberal elite, from Hollywood, to the media, all the way to Congressmen/Congresswomen and Senators.

I have friends that are either moderate or liberal. Of course they do not like the current administration. I myself was not fond of the previous eight years. However, there is a level of decency with all the people that I know when discussing politics. They may not agree and they will voice their opinion, but there is still the common decency of agreeing to disagree.

Why then, can the elites in the democratic party (hollywood and media, especially) be as decent and cordial? Why are they so angry? Case in point, this video of Tom Arnold, where the host was asking a simple why, and yet Mr. Arnold could not answer, and lashed out in anger. Watch:

Why. So. Angry?

Another example, Tom Arnold Gets Angry At News That Congressional Shooter Supported Bernie. So He Threatens Violence. Then James Woods Comes Along.

Then of course you have infamously the vulgar laden tirade of Robert De Niro. (Robert De Niro drops F-bombs at Tony awards.) Classy Robert. Classy.

Fortunately, you have decent people like Robert Davi, who criticized Robert for his tyrannical rage, insisting as American’s we should respect the President. (Robert De Niro’s anti-Trump Tonys speech slammed as ‘disgusting’ by actor Robert Davi)

Ordinarily, and in most of my posts, it is at this time that I would say, “and this but a few examples.” But, in this case, and to further prove and justify my argument, I must go on.

There is the Madonna threat of actual violence, that even Pierce Morgan spoke out against. (Bomb threats don’t Trump hate: PIERS MORGAN on the day Madonna and a bunch of famous, foul-mouthed nasty women let down ladies everywhere)

Who could forget Rachel Maddow’s infamous meltdown? Because MSNBC is know for objectivity. (‘Meltdown of the night’ Bitter news anchor bemoans Trump’s election success) (This, by the way, from a British news outlet. How embarrassing.)

Michael Shannon’s outburst (wait, who is he anyway?) “”It’s the worst,” he said. “This guy is going to destroy civilization as we know it, and the earth, and all because of these people who don’t have any idea why they’re alive.”” (Actor Michael Shannon: Trump was elected by a ‘country of moronic a–holes’) If it weren’t so startling, I’d find humor that a man could think that one man could destroy civilization, and the Earth. That’s awesome. Unfortunately, it does not stop there. Michael Shannon actually said that Trump supporters should die. “But if you’re voting for Trump, it’s time for the urn.” (Actor Michael Shannon To Trump Voters: ‘It’s Time For The Urn’)

Amy Schumer, “But we all wanted to do it to take care of the people in need. ” ( Really Amy? How about adding some of these “people” to your health insurance. Giving them money. Wait, no, you want the Government, and ultimately the middle class to do that. But, I digress. ” … and sexually assaulted women … ” Amy, what was your reaction to the women that said Bill had assaulted them?

Kathy Griffin, mind you a mainstay on CNN and the Anderson Cooper show, and a beheading. ( Fortunately, CNN booted her from New Year’s Eve coverage.

Jim Carrey (although I do not quite know if he is even sane anymore). (Jim Carrey: I Dreamed Of Beating Trump With Golf Club

Alec Baldwin. Enough said. (I would fill this entire post with vetriol comments from him.)

This isn’t vetriol, necessary, but, I find it humorous from someone who sat on our enemy’s tanks while American’s were dying. Jane, you’ve never given a shit about America. (Jane Fonda says she’s not proud of America

There are others. But, there are simply too many to add to this post.

But, with that, the question remains. Why are this rich, elite, non-giving people so incredibly angry that someone that was not a democrat, or socialist (maybe?) was elected?

Could it be because they are unable to control the nation? Do they believe that they are the elite few that should be able to tell all Americans what is write and wrong, according to their doctrine? Could it be simply that they are angry that the middle class is currently not being forced [as much] to spread their wealth?

They claim racism. Vox is a prime example. They claim that because he said immigrants were “rapists” that he is racist. It is true that citizens commit crime. According to reports though, historical and fact based reports, illegal immigrants appear to commit 3 to 10 times the amount of murders in the United States than citizens. (

They claim he’s a homophobe. Even though, he has stated, on the record, that he supports LGBTQ rights. (Trump’s LGBTQ remarks make splash on Facebook)

They claim he will lead us to war with North Korea. ( Detrimental to the Atlantic, it appears that NK has decided to be on the side of peace. (North Korea agrees to ‘complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula’ after Trump-Kim summit)

So again, I ask, and not in any sarcastic way what-so-ever.

Why are the liberal elite that are on T.V., in movies, and the media so angry? Why are the “tolerant” completely and utterly intolerant to someone having an adverse opinion or belief?

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The State Of The Union Address – What I Learned | The Recreational Writer

State Of the Uniion | The Recreational Writer

To begin, and for complete transparency, this is a political article. Not necessarily political in the way you may think, but does fall within the political realm. I am not going to put one “party” over the other “party”, but merely demonstrate problems that I saw that came out of the, very limited, coverage of the State of The Union Address. Frankly, I preferred to watch the Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel and when that ended at 10PM, the remaining time of the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game on Sun. Continue reading The State Of The Union Address – What I Learned | The Recreational Writer