Why Are the Elite Liberals so Angry? Using Tom Arnold and Robert DeNiro as Primary Example | The Recreational Writer | recreationalwriter.com

***THIS ARTICLE INCLUDES MY PERSONAL OPINIONS. I do attempt – with this and all posts – to back up my thoughts and opinions based on historical records and facts. However, it is still my opinion. I choose to write out my thoughts on this blog, and sharing a link on Facebook rather than the contents itself, so that if you do not agree, you can easily skip.*** This is actually a legitimate question. It’s not sarcastic in any way whatsoever. I am truly trying to understand why the liberal elite, from Hollywood, to the media, all the way to Congressmen/Congresswomen…

The State Of The Union Address – What I Learned | The Recreational Writer

To begin, and for complete transparency, this is a political article. Not necessarily political in the way you may think, but does fall within the political realm. I am not going to put one “party” over the other “party”, but merely demonstrate problems that I saw that came out of the, very limited, coverage of the State of The Union Address. Frankly, I preferred to watch the Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel and when that ended at 10PM, the remaining time of the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game on Sun.