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There is no doubt that is recent days, weeks, months and even a year or more, you have been hammered with the term “fake news.” Conservatives use the term to describe pretty much anything “main stream media.”

The Huffington Post Thinks That The Baby Boomers Are The Worst Generation Of Americans | The Recreational Writer | RecreationalWriter.com

***THIS ARTICLE INCLUDES MY PERSONAL OPINIONS. I do attempt – with this and all posts – to back up my thoughts and opinions based on historical records and facts. However, it is still my opinion. I choose to write out my thoughts on this blog, and sharing a link on Facebook rather than the contents itself, so that if you do not agree, you can easily skip.*** In an editorial posted on July twenty-eighth of this year by Zach Carter at The Huffington Post website, a beyond far left-leaning editorial organization, Mr. Carter exclaims that “The Baby Boomers are the…