Product Launch – Is Book Brag Marketing Kit Legit? A Review

Getting ready for a product launch? Worried about whether or not you will get the traffic to your product launch? Book Brag Marketing Kit claims to solve that problem for you. But will it help make your product launch a success? With this review, I will look at exactly that, and if Book Brag Marketing Kit can help with your product launch!

To see if Book Brag Marketing Kit can help you with your product launch, let’s first take a look at the Book Brag Marketing Kit’s maker. Anugerah Syaifullah P has been a top 15% seller of digital products on JVZoo.

Book Brag Marketing Kit comes complete with everything that you need to have a successful product launch, including:

  • Short Snappy Videos- 60 seconds to give them just the info they need! EDIT WITH PPT
  • eCover and Kindle Mockups- match the video for brand consistency
  • Book Mark, Roll Up Banner, Flyer Designs- High resolution for online or PRINT!
  • Video PPT, Graphics PSD– Super easy editing
  • Open Source Music and Fonts- INCLUDED!

To further help you have a successful product launch, Book Brag Marketing Kit adds on with the following:

  • Promotion Video Templates
  • Book Cover Design Mockups
  • Book Mark Design Templates
  • Kindle Book Design Mockups
  • Roll Up Banner Design Templates
  • Flyer Promotions Design Templates

Kicking the tires of Book Brag Marketing Kit, definitely passes our Legit Test, and does indeed appear that it will help your product launch be a success! But what about price?

It’s evident that they wanted Book Brag Marketing Kit to be affordable to all of those with a product launch. At less than twenty bucks, the price is unbeatable. But that’s not all, Book Brag Marketing Kit comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee.

If there ever was a completely risk free method to get your product launch up and out to the masses quickly, this is it. Book Brag Marketing Kit.

*disclaimer: the links to Book Brag Marketing Kit are affiliate links. That is, if you use the links in this article to view the web page for Book Brag Marketing kit, and then decide that you wish to purchase Book Brag Marketing Kit, a portion of the proceeds will be paid to me, the affiliate.*

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