Stoneman Douglas High School shooting – Repeal 2nd Amendment? | TheRecreationalWriter. Com

Forewarning. I am going to piss people off with this blog post. And to me, that is fine. This is not a popularity contest. It’s about truth. It is about who should be held responsible, and who shouldn’t be blamed. On February 14 2018, a monster known to the Broward County Sheriff, not once, not twice, not even three times, but an alleged forty-five (45) times, yes you read that right, forty-five ( opened fire with an AR-15 rifle, killing seventeen high school students and wounding many others. But, of course, the very first thing out of Democrat’s, and mainstream…

Ending Foodstamps for Food. Genocide? | The Recreational Writer

So, I had the misfortune, once again, of actually clicking a “Trending” article on Facebook – to be realistic, these “trending” articles are nothing more than free advertising for left leaning media outlets, peddling their propaganda – but, regardless I clicked one. It was in regards to President Trump wanting to, get this, send food to current food stamp recipients. Oh my GOD. How outrageous! How can they THINK to do something like send FOOD to the hungry? At least, that would be Bernie Sanders (the same outspoken, self-described socialist) thoughts. (

Watergate . . . 2016 Edition? | The Recreational Writer

A divided Country, illegal wiretaps. Political parties abusing power to negatively affect an opposing political party. Although, one may believe that I am referring to Watergate in 1972, as those were the principal illegal acts, I am not. I am referring to the 2016 election year, and that behavior being exhibited by the DNC, Hillary Clinton and, perhaps, Barack Obama. In my opinion, the Memo released by Congress on Monday documents a gross abuse of power by the highest levels of Government, not seen since 1972. Warrants being justified via a document that the DNC and Hillary Clinton funded, then…

Media Bias? | The Recreational Writer

So, in reading today about the Amtrak train crash that killed one person, and critically injured at least one other, and injured others, I read of Congressmen (GOP) coming to the aid of the injured. Providing CPR to at least one of the victims. I read of a Congressman that is a Veteran, a former Medic, that not only was helping at this tragedy, but, also helped save another Congressman’s life when he was shot on a softball field by a Democrat sympathizer. ( Here he was, among other Congressmen (some were Physician’s before being Congressmen) saving, or attempting to,…

The State Of The Union Address – What I Learned | The Recreational Writer

To begin, and for complete transparency, this is a political article. Not necessarily political in the way you may think, but does fall within the political realm. I am not going to put one “party” over the other “party”, but merely demonstrate problems that I saw that came out of the, very limited, coverage of the State of The Union Address. Frankly, I preferred to watch the Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel and when that ended at 10PM, the remaining time of the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game on Sun.