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Hello readers! 👋
I have been trying to to decide what I wanted to write about, and if I wanted this to be a single topic site, or just off the cuff what I feel about talking about that day.
Maybe a pet peeve site.
I have not decided.
So for now, it is going to be off the cuff. In particular, it came to my attention recently that I have gained over 20 pounds in less than 8 months.
Especially for me, that is a lot.
So, the first step of me being able to make a resolution to curb that, and take more time for my health, is the admission that I indeed need to focus more.
I hope to use this blog to document, at least periodically, my progress on these changes throughout 2018.
I also hope that be able to write about what works for me, what doesn’t, and what’s plain crazy.
Make no mistake, I highly doubt that this will ever be a ‘expert fitness blog’ for I am in no way, expressed or implied, a fitness expert. Highly evident over the course of the year…
But, hopefully I can share accomplishments that can be used by others that need ideas or things to try.
The ultimate goal, regardless of its makeup, is for my blog to be both entertaining and helpful.
Please feel free to subscribe for new posts. I don’t, and won’t, spam. I hate spam as much or more than anyone… Unless it’s cooked in butter… 🤣

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