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#Midterms2018 and the Florida Governor’s Race | The Recreational Writer

I have reached a point that I am just pissed off. Quite frankly. The culmanation of this anger stems from the latest news from my home city of Tallahassee. Four people shot, and the shooter killing himself. ( Then, our pretend city leader, Andrew Gillum, who has pledged, in writing, to defund Law Enforcement tweets out that gun violence is not acceptable. Yet, all other violence is apparently a free for all. 

Quite frankly, with at least crime, Andrew Gillum is not an honest person. 

See here. Here. As this shows, through 2016, crime rate decreased, but was still higher than the national and state average. This one. This list truly goes on and on. Do yourself the favor and just google “Tallahassee Crime Rates.”

Mayor Andrew Gillum goes on the ultra biased, far left MSNBC, and All In With Chris Hayes, and politics while Floridians lie dying post-Hurricane Michael. He politics on MSNBC while our neighbors are homeless, displaced from Hurricane Michael.

He is endorced, and supports, anti-Jewish radical groups. As well as his, and his running mate’s, anti-Semitism. This, even in the wake of the mass shooting of Jews in Pittsburgh. If there is any doubt Andrew Gillum’s, Mayor of Tallahassee, feelings on the Jewish Community, he attended an “event” hosted by an anti-Isreal group, one DAY after the deadliest day in American history for the Jewish community.

Let me pause, so that can sink in for a moment.

****UPDATE**** As I write this, news of one of the shootings victims comes and that victim passed away due to injuries from the shooting. ****

Mayor of Tallahassee Andrew Gillum never states in his “feel good” political guberanatorial commercials, that he is anti Jew. Or Anti Law Enforcement. Tallahassee Mayor, and Democratic Florida Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum never mentions in his commercials that he signed a document vowing the defunding and divestment of state of Florida Police, Deputies, State Troopers and the Florida Prison Systems. He does not publicly state that, but, he did

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, democratic (rather, socialist and fascist) gubernatorial candidate, is banking on the hope that his “feel good” “my mommy and daddy” commercials will cause voters to vote for him, regardless of what his record actually shows. And, sadly enough, he may very well get those votes. And the votes from those labeled as racist if they do not vote for a black Florida gubernatorial candidate in the 2018 midterms.

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is not a truthful person portrayed in his “feel good” midterm 2018 commercials. This is evidenced by the Federal Burea of Investigation investigation into the City of Tallahassee, and especially “pay to play” type schemes. Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum went on lavish trips with a donor/lobbyist and FBI agent. Then gives that same friend/donor/lobbyist millions of dollars in tax payers money to renovate a restaurant. Even Politifact states, “In 2013, the city voted to give more than $2.1 million in public funds to renovate the Edison, a restaurant project Corey co-owns.

I am not sure if it makes me angrier that the main stream media in MSNBC, Chris Hayes, CNN et al, tread so lightly on candidates they obviously back, and will do anything to get them elected, or the fact that candidates like Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum can blatantly lie in commercials, and in person, with absolutely zero repercussions, simply because he is a “politician.”

What makes politicians above the law?

Midterms 2018 is the worst of the worst. 

I will not even go into Mayor of Tallahassee’s Andrew Gillum’s political beliefs, or his views. I am simply looking at his corruption, his lies, and his anti-semitic views. How can the populous of Florida want this man as the Governor of our great state? 

Is our state really not great anymore after all?

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