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Midterms 2018, Arizona, Florida, & What We’ve Learned (or should learn) | The Recreational Writer |

Florida, Florida, Florida. 🤦‍♂️ And now Arizona has jumped on the train? We are in the year two thousand and eighteen. Two-Hundred Forty-Two years after our Nation’s birth. Two-Hundred Twenty-Nine years after our Nation’s first Presidential election. And still, we are unable to adequately, and fairly, count election ballots. We can send men to the moon. We can send probes to Mars, the Sun, and even land them on moving asteroids. We can even almost send men to Mars. We can capture what color M&M candy someone is putting in their mouth from two-hundred to thirty-five thousand, seven-hundred eighty-six kilometers in space (depending on the orbit.)

But, we can’t. Count. Ballots.

For whatever reason that may be. Thousands of ballots have been presented 3, 4, 5, even 6 days after voting on Tuesday November 6, 2018, the official date for the Midterm elections. 

Obviously, when one thinks of recounts, their minds immediately jump to the hanging chad recounts of 2000. But, in researching under and over votes, for the 2018 midterm elections, I understand that the 2000 election’s recount is child’s play in comparison. First off, let me briefly explain over and under votes.

Stated simply, and over vote is when someone selects two candidates for the same electoral position. For instance, if a vote was registered with a vote for President Trump, and Cadidate Clinton, on the same ballot, that is an over vote. As for under vote, think hanging chad. Essentially it is a ballot that has lower voter items selected, but not upper selections. For instance if someone votes an entire ballot, but not for Governor, it is considered unlikely that the voter would not have voted at all for the Governor, but for everything else on the ballot. Therefore, it is considered an under vote. These are also considered provisional ballots. They are included with other provisional ballots, that may include being provisional because someone did not take identification with them to the polls. Per the Florida Department of State, provisional ballots are decided upon by the canvassing board as to their validity. 

In Florida, as has now been widely reported (thanks to Laura Loomer‘s actual investigative journalism) Provisional Ballot Boxes were found in the trunk of an Avis rental car. It is yet unclear as to if there were ballots or not within the boxes. 

Regardless of the reason they were there, or if they contain(ed) any ballots, the seemingly bungling of this election by Broward County has put a stain on the entire state’s Midterm election results. How is this possible, yet again?

Simply stated, human beings. Whether it is prejudice, disdain for law, neglect or shear incompetence. Until we “dumb down” the voting process, this will never end.

If we have, or should, learn anything about this Midterm election, aside from the fact of apparent fraud, incompetence, or both, is that all politicians, and all of those if office must take election reform seriously. It must not be on one person to lock doors and not let people in. Whether that occurs at the polling place, or the counting location. Transparency is paramount to close elections, otherwise, the United States simply falls to a third world country we consistently criticize for their shady elections.

Those is office from the Federal, to the State, to the Local level, must make this a priority. They must take election irregularities seriously, and find a reasonable solution to fix it. Whether it’s bipartisan (by law) committees to over see ballots at all locations (to ensure ballots are not left behind, as appears to be once or twice in Broward County) or Law Enforcement officers handling the transport a custody of the ballots. 

Mail-In and absentee ballots must end. Days after this midterm election, and I know what day election day falls in 2020. The only exception to this should be Military ballots. And, in those cases, why can they not be done electronically? We have the technology, even to capture signatures. This prevents any ballots being “misplaced” by the USPS. 

Regardless, of the changes, something must be done. People can, and will cheat. Especially if laws allow for no punishment. 

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  1. Same thing has been bothering me…. how can we, the United States with outstanding technical equipment not have the best voting system in the world? We are now suffering the same fate as foreign governments where the integrity of their voting systems are questioned repeatedly. Something is wrong with this picture….. seriously wrong!

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