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The simple answer, and probably not the answer about making money online that you were looking for, is no.

It is not easy. Making money online is not cheap either. Whether you are considering dollar amounts in what is, or can be, spent in advertising, or if you decide to go the free route, the cost spent in time. Your time.

Despite all of the websites out there that claim millions make from working from home and working online in months, if results like that are possible, it certainly does not come from 1 hour a week typing a blog post.

Making money online is no different than any other business model. It takes time, effort, and in most cases, money to not just get started in making money online, but also to keep the doors of your online business open.

The truth of the matter of making money online is that if you hold a full time job, expect to put in twenty to twenty five hours a week with your online store, your blog or other making money online business model. So, if you, as me and many others, are expected to work forty to sixty hours a week with your full time J.O.B., then you can expect to work a total of sixty-five to eighty-five hours a week in total, if not more. For a five day work week, that leaves about seven hours for other things per day – but, that does not include working the weekends, which you will find yourself needing to do.

Making money online is not easy. Have I said that already?

If you are thinking of, or are currently attempting, making money online, you should be aware of that fact. It can be a little bit easier if you have money to spend on advertising. However, even then you will need to devote hours to researching your advertisements for your making money online venture.

Advertisements do not make themselves – unless you would want to spend more money to hire someone to create your advertisements for your online business. But if you are like the thousands, if not more, before you, you will want to either do that yourself, or create free methods to advertise and make money online.

Making money online is not easy. It can be time consuming, finance consuming, and just plain tiring. Making money online certainly is not for those that want to throw up a website and forget it. It takes patience, time and money to achieve most everything in life. Making money online is no different.

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