Hurricane Michael Recovery Update | The Recreational Writer |

My sincere apologies for the delay of an update to the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. On an off topic point. Hurricane Michael’s name is likely to be retired.

More though to our recovery in Tallahassee. My neighborhood is still without power, which unfortunately has led to the delay in an update, and am now posting from my phone. Ah the wonders of modern technology!

Fortunately, Tallahassee has linemen from Jacksonville and as far away as West Virginia helping to restore power. The biggest kudos and gratefulness to those guys, some sleeping on air mattresses by their trucks, others turned away by Motel 6 when they couldn’t guarantee getting power back. We’d be dark a week or more if not for the help that we have gotten.

Sorry this is short, but conserving battery (aka taking the high road 🙂 )

I’ll take some video in route to day job in the morning.

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