Free Biz Tutorial

Here you will find a free guide to building your business. But, it’s not like other guides that you download and give your email address, just to be spammed endlessly. This requires no email address. And the other difference, this page will be updated real time, step by step, as I build a new online store. So you can see, quite literally, from the ground up. Enjoy!

2/10/2019: Purchased domain name: There are many different online pre-fab ecommerce platforms. I have chosen to use but if you are looking for a different platform to suit your business, I would consult and search for ecommerce platforms.

Store has been created, and now in the process of importing items. I have chosen to use Sprocket, as it is a free app.

2/12/2019: I have added Oberlo to the mix. I am still in the progress of importing different items to the store. I want to have enough items to keep visitors’ interest.

2/18/2019: The doors are open at! I am eight days in to this venture. There quite literally are not enough hours in the day. I am approaching 500 items in my store, and I have created a Facebook page for it as well, which includes it’s own shop (that integrates with the Shopify store.) So far, I am still in the trial period of Shopify (14 day trial), so, to this point, I have spent no money out of pocket, except on the domain name. I’ve integrated Facebook Marketing, Google Shopping and Google Analytics. There have been a lot of 1, 2, and even 3 am nights working on this (I hold a FT job as well.) So, I can confidently say, there is no “overnight success” in online business. It’s a lot of hard work. Hopefully it will pay off. Stay tuned for future updates!

3/17/2019: Sorry for the delay of an update. It’s been an extremely hectic last thirty days. With the grand opening of has gone well, it has been at the cost of long hours. As with any business, e-commerce requires hard work and dedication. It’s easy to lose focus, and even easier to lose drive. It is not easy to juggle a J.O.B., an online store, and education/personal life. It is tiring, and results may not be seen immediately.

I have discovered that sometimes less is more when it comes to inventory, and am still in the progress or perfecting the balance, and the items. So, a month in and I find that I am still tweaking the store, and what to offer for sale. I know that this has been a short update, but, I am back to the store while I have some free time. More updates to come!