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First Florida snow in 28 years
So, 2018 is now upon us.
With that, comes Florida (Tallahassee) snow – something not seen (accumulation wise) since 1989! And, I remember that vividly. Great memories, but sad at the same time.
But, onward we go. 2018, with the snow, and really cold temperatures starts the year on a high note. I am optimistic, or maybe hopeful, or both, that 2018 will show better times than 2017 did.
I have new ideas in mind, and … well, decisions that I am not currently at liberty to discuss … that will hopefully propel 2018 to be much better than 2017. I guess we shall see.

Regardless, I am writing again. That in and of itself is good, right?
Obviously, I am on a new platform now, away from blogger. I will address the why’s on a future post.
I do still have my blog there, if you care to read. But, I am not certain that it will be updated, since I am currenlty focused on this one 🙂
2018 promises to be a busy one, so if you know of something specific you want me to blog about, feel free to let me know.
Happy 2018.

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