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There is no doubt that is recent days, weeks, months and even a year or more, you have been hammered with the term “fake news.” Conservatives use the term to describe pretty much anything “main stream media.” Liberals use it to deem conservatives as “disillusioned.” Interestingly, there is this article talking to an extent about it. Newsweek proclaimed that “right-wingers” shared the most “fake news.” (to note, they offered no evidence for, or contrary to that aside from “an Oxford study.”) Zach Beauchamp pens an interesting article of Vox.com however, telling of the liberal buy-in to “fake news.” Regardless of the spectrum that you have heard it thrown around, in this day and age of technology, and getting the latest story out before anyone else (in the case of the media) or being the first to say/think it (in the case of social medial such as Twitter and Facebook), the reality is, it does exists, and it is frighteningly more common than you think.

Case in point for “fake news” on social media, is this post on Twitter.

“Fake News”

3,814 people (a the time of this post) “liked” that Twitter post. The author, matter-of-factly proclaims, without any doubt, that the President is covering a confederate patch “for the photo.” At least 3,814 people took that as gospel, apparently. But, when one looks closer, is that really the confederate flag? Is certainly does not look like it to me. Take a closer look:

Fake News: President Donald Trump Covers a Confederate Flag patch on a jacket worn by a Motorcycle rider.
Fake News: President Trump Covers a Confederate Patch!

It looks to me that the letters shown are “cing.” The Confederate Flag did not have any caption beneath it. Further, the color under President Trump’s ring finger was not the same color or design as the Confederate Flag. Concluding that the President was covering up a confederate flag patch because of a picture is the same as equating the O used to “circle” the supposed patch was indicative that the poster had to have been an Obama fan. Matter-of-factly stating that these men are racist criminals is equally absurd. There is no mention of any background or criminal records check. Another falsity of the “fake news” era is the ability to say that someone is a racist or criminal because of his or her appearance, his or her political belief, and/or his or her clothing. Interestingly enough, the #maddow tag was used, and yet Ms. Maddow refused to debunk the false narrative. Complicit?

This article that Ms. Maddow posted to her Twitter account, cites only Democrats concerns of the American people asserting any influence at all on elected officials. Yes, I consider this fake news (and bias), due to the fact that apparently those Democrats, as well as Ms. Maddow, have forgotten that our government is based off of, and still answers to, the PEOPLE. See the Constitution of the United States of America for more information.

Then there is this retweet. Also “fake news” as it was no “news” at all. Was it a mis”tweet”? Who knows. Is it news? No.

I could continue along these lines, but, it is evident that fake news abounds from Rachel Maddow.

Feel free to read more. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here (epic.) Here (from a Maddow admirer.) 

The point to all of this is that fake news does indeed exist. And it does indeed exist from both sides of the isle. I urge every one of my readers (all 2 of them. :)) to research what they are saying. Take with a grain of salt what the talking heads like Maddow, Chris Hayes, Scarborough, Mika et. al are saying. There may be nuggets of truth, there may be mountains of lies. It is up to us as a population in this day in age of “be the first to report it” to differentiate what is true, and what is opinion only (Maddow, Hayes, MSNBC, Scarborough, Mika.) Opinion is not fact. But it certainly can be spun to be so.

Maddow, Hayes and all could learn some things from this man. #FakeNews

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