Ex-SWAT guy reveals hidden secret to a flat tummy

A friend of mine is ex-SWAT. Pretty hardcore guy.

So when he had problems getting rid of his growing belly fat, he just worked harder.

Did tougher workouts.

Restricted his diet.

And just kept getting rounder and softer around the midsection!

The harder he worked the fatter he got UNTIL he stumbled on a strange method to restore the
“natural flow of energy” through the his core.

Sounds weird right. Some cultures call this Ki, Chi, Prana or Spirit. But really it’s just the flow of electricity through your nervous system.

And using a special tea plus a series of gentle exercises my friend released his energy blockages and near-instantly deflated his belly fat.

Here’s how he did it:

=> Ex-SWAT specialist reveals hidden secret to a flat tummy

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