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Pre-2016, CNN was known as a legitimate news source. Sure, they leaned farther left than other news networks. But they were still deemed factual and maintained the appearance of [at least some] impartiality. Pre-2016, CNN actually had segments that were news and factual based.

During the elections of 2016, CNN began to tip their hand as to how far left they had ventured, but they still pretended to maintain facts. However, by January 2017 (and perhaps in the months leading up to January 2017), CNN began to not even be concerned with impartiality. This article claims that President Trump mislabeled CNN as “Fake News,” however turn around and call their reporting mostly accurate. If a news organization’s reporting is only mostly accurate, then I think that being labeled as fake news is warranted.

In the past three years, CNN has gone from a marginally liberal network on opinion based programming, to a highly liberal network on opinion based programming and not factually based – even on “news” programming. The term the “Clinton News Network” that was thrown around by conservatives during the 2016 election, has grown to be far more believable, as if when accused of not being able to be any more biased, the executives at CNN said here, hold my beer. Arguably, CNN could change their name to DNN, and be more believable. DNN = Democrat News Network.

Another case in point for CNN and their biases is the hiring of FBI investigated, Florida Ethics Committee fined, and failed gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. Mr. Gillum has little “real world” or political experience. He was a member of the Tallahassee City Council, and then became, a largely failed, Mayor of Tallahassee. His “reign” being marked by scandal, FBI investigations, and ultimately agreeing to a fine by the Florida Ethics Committee to prevent them investigating numerous other complaints. CNN has him as an [apparent] expert/analyst.

It is a slight bit of irony that CNN chooses an Apple with the hashtag “factsfirst” on their Twitter page, doubling down with “It’s our job to #GoThere, & tell the most difficult stories.” It is too bad that CNN does not do that. Case in point that CNN does not tell the truth, the below tweet:


CNN specifically states that due to President Trump’s policies, air quality has become worse. They cite a study that was conducted between 2015 and 2017. Years in which Barack Obama was president. Years in which America was using standards that Barack Obama and the democratic party put into law. There were rebuttal comments to the multiple Twitter posts in which CNN peddled this glaring lie. And yet, CNN did not once clarify the article, or state that the study that they cited was conducted during Obama’s presidency, and while his policies, not President Trump’s, were being enforced. To this day, CNN has refused to admit to the lies that they told – adding to a long list of glaring inaccuracies [at best] and out-right lies [at worst.]

The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.

Noam Chomsky

Apparently CNN executives and “anchors” take Noam Chomsky’s quote to heart, in an attempt to influence [brainwash] the populous. Perhaps at the direction of George Soros?

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