2019 10 Best Places to Get a Fresh Start – 10th Tallahassee? NOT

Probably the outright must laughable, if not outright false, mention about Tallahassee in Livability’s 2019 10 Best Places to Get a Fresh Start is “Tallahassee is a fantastic place to grow your career.”

It seems that some editorial writer (fiction writer maybe?) at Livability.com decided to write a fantasy article about Tallahassee, Florida. I am not certain that this person has ever been to Tallahassee, perhaps just a fleeting moment on passing through on I-10.

The article wherein Tallahassee Florida ranked number 10, was under a “Best Places To Live” section. That, in and of itself, is enough for a resident to double over laughing. They then titled the editorial 2019 10 Best Places To Get A Fresh Start. For who, the criminal?

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Tallahassee Florida Top 100 Hundred Best Places To Live? Not As A Resident | RecreationalWriter.com

These are just a few most notable differences that a life-long Tallahassee Florida resident has with a fairytale-esque article rating Tallahassee Florida as Top 100 Places to Live. If you do not want to earn a decent living due to a wealthy monopoly, then maybe.

Around the first of April, 2019, local media outlets such as the Tallahassee Democrat and WCTV went wild reporting that Tallahassee Florida was ranked in the top 100 best places to live. In fact, the Tallahassee Democrat gloated with a section of “notable mentions.” Among these “notable mentions,” Local Dream Job:
Instructor leading FSU’s circus courses
Top Industries and Employers: State of Florida, FSU and local public schools.

The opinion was given that Tallahassee Florida was one of the Top 100 Places to Live by a site called Livability.com. They say, “Tallahassee has all the perks (and youthful energy!) of a college town with the connectedness and economic benefits that comes with being the center of state government — and a cost of living that won’t break the bank.” As an actual resident who has lived in Tallahassee Florida their entire life (over forty-years), and not just someone writing about a town in which they likely have never lived, I can unequivocally say that they are wrong. Well, except for their “Top Industries” which should actually read “Only Industries.”

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Information Technology (IT) Jobs – Think Hard | RecreationalWriter.com

CFO’s do not want to fund a department that does not make money (especially over those that do) regardless of the reliance on the technology. It seems that the direction in Information Technology (IT) jobs is to have one or two people, work them until they quit, die or retire, and then hire a replacement and repeat the process.

A few days ago, I wrote an article about Information Technology jobs and detailing the hours, money, and why I would not recommend a career in Information Technology (IT). You can read that article here.

After feedback in comments, emails, texts etc., I am writing this article to clarify a couple of items, that apparently I did not make clear enough. First, in “
Information Technology (IT) Jobs (Is It For Me?) | RecreationalWriter.com” I was detailing specifically Information Technology (IT) support jobs. These Information Technology (IT) jobs include desktop (desk side) support, network support, peripheral support, server support.

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Information Technology (IT) Jobs (Is It For Me?) | RecreationalWriter.com

But is that not what Information Technology jobs are about? From my fifteen years’ perspective with Information Technology jobs? I offer you a resounding . . . NO. In fact, a Hell no in this context may be appropriate.

Of all of the degrees available, why did you choose Computer Science?

I was asked that very question in an interview recently. In nearly fifteen-years working in the Information Technology jobs industry, I cannot recall ever being asked that question, and, frankly, it made me pause. After fifteen years of the demands of the industry, the lack of sleep, the loss of family time, the loss of time in general, I was not sure that I could remember why I decided to pursue Information Technology jobs as a career.

I recovered, falling back to my love as a kid for building computers, breaking them, figuring out why they broke, and then fixing them. That to me was an Information Technology job. Creativity. Puzzles. Challenges. And ultimately, at least a majority of fun.

But is that not what Information Technology jobs are about?

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Walt Disney World – Best Places To Work | The Recreational Writer | RecreationalWriter.com

In recent posts, I have managed to stray off into the political circus of 2018’s society. But today, I wanted to take a step back, and explain my beliefs behind The Walt Disney World as a place, and as a Company, part from a lifelong fan, and part from a former Cast Member.

To me, from a lifelong fan’s perspective, “Disney” will always be synonymous with The Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. I know full well that Disneyland existed first, and that The Walt Disney Company owns many different businesses in many different genres, including but not limited to, ESPN and ABC, and ownership or close collaboration with companies such as Dreamworks. As a whole, The Walt Disney Company is a massive company. However, as I stated above, to me as a longtime fan, Disney is, well, The Walt Disney Resort in Orlando Florida. So, for the sake of this post, that is what I will discuss and remain focused on.

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