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#Triggered Samantha Markle Over Christmas Card | The Recreational Writer |

Megan Markle’s sister, Samantha Markle, is once again attempting, probably in vain, to steal the spotlight away from Megan Markle for her own attempt at celebrity. According to numerous news outlets, including this article, Samantha Markle is now claiming that Megan Markle and Prince Harry’s Christmas card is “rude.”

In a series of Twitter posts after Megan Markle and Prince Harry had their Christmas “card” released, Samantha Markle accused the couple of turning their backs to the world. Yes, that is why Samantha Markle is triggered over her sister Megan Markle and her husband Prince Harry’s Christmas [photo] Card. Because the picture used was a picture of them viewing fireworks during their wedding reception ceremony.

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Gun Violence Walkout – Why It’s Stupid | The Recreational Writer |

Gun Violence Walkout - Why It's Stupid | The Recreational Writer |

Undoubtedly, everyone has seen that students walked out of class today, and horrifically enough, it was allowed and condoned by school officials.

This was an attempt to get out of class. It was an attempt to be on t.v. and YouTube and other social media venues.

Surprisingly enough, reported just about the walkout, no political commentary that I observed in the article I read.

However, CNN railed full force into political commentary, exclaiming “a historic show” for tougher gun laws. (CNN on Student Walkouts)

Regardless of CNN fawning all over kids walking down streets, it was plain stupid to allow it.

First off, and more of a side note, parents and teachers just allowed students to forego learning, to participate in a liberal political stunt. Yes, I just called it out for what it actually was. When, in the history of the Earth, have ignorant children (and I do not say that in any derogatory way whatsoever, children are ignorant to the ways of anything, as they are learning) bore any voice in the running of a country?


But, as I said, that was a side note. No, the actual focus here is that the protest was for more gun laws. Gun laws that liberals want to fly in the face of the 2nd Amendment. Nothing would pleasure them more than to repeal the 2nd Amendment.

Let me stop for a minute. There should be absolutely zero tolerance for any violence in school.

With that said, why are these children protesting for more gun laws? When people are killed by drunk drivers (34,461 in 2016 (according to this article, 3x the amount of deaths than from any gun violence)) do students, or anyone, go boycott cars or alcohol in the streets? No. The people that commit the crimes are held accountable. End of story.

Why are these children, and left wing nut-jobs, not protesting parenting or lack thereof? Why, if there can be an intelligible argument, are they blaming guns and gun ownership? If they can blame guns, why not blame cars or alcohol?

What these children and left wings really should be protesting is lack of morals in American culture of today. Lack of respect for other people and life. Lack of accountability. The blessing of criminality and the demonization of laws, morality and law enforcement. This last eight years has incubated and condoned these beliefs. As false as it is.

According to this Gun Timeline the first recorded use of a firearm was in 1364 – 654 years ago. Schools have existed since at least the year 859 – 1159 years ago. (Top 10 Oldest Universities In The World: Ancient Colleges).

I am not going to rehash my argument of why people are ignorant when they call for the banning of guns like the AR-15. You can read that argument if you wish, Stoneman Douglas High School shooting – Repeal 2nd Amendment? | TheRecreationalWriter. Com.

My argument here instead, is why are children and adults alike not marching for the accountability of being a parent? Why are they not marching, not to ban a Constitutionally protected device, but the morals of each other, and Americans in general. Why are they not marching to protest the removal of God from all things? The simple answer? A combination of liberal brainwashing by teachers and other mentors of these children, and the liberal agenda to control the populous. That is not a popular answer, but, that is the answer.

The Bible teaches us about the sanctity of life. It teaches us about morals. Both of which teachers, politicians and parents alike fail to teach. Either because they do not see them as important, or they are afraid of being called names for teach morality. Either way, American citizens, the American populous, and America herself has lost her way. When we blame inanimate objects instead of the living people that commit the crime, we have lost all sense of intelligence.

I will continue to say that the issue is not guns, or knives, or even bombs. The issue is coming from the home, from the schools, from politicians and political arenas. It has become normal that immorality and lack of respect for fellow man is okay, but owning a weapon is not. It has evidently become a way of parenting, to not parent. To instead, allow the continued liberal brainwashing that instills immorality. That instills that the Bible is a work of fiction. That the Bible should be removed from schools. That God should be removed from schools. That any sense of accountability or even after-life judgement should be removed from schools and any other child outlet.

It has become normal that it is okay for a 5,6,7,8,9 even 10 – 18 year olds, to play video games that glorify killing people. Killing Police Officers. Robbing, stealing. Playing games that you actually get rewarded for killing, stealing, robbing, raping, et al. And yet, we blame an inanimate object? Parents are never home to regulate what their children watch or play. The product of both parents being expected to work. In part, due to the liberal’s belief that people should be taxed 1/2 to 3/4 of their paychecks to fund handouts. But, I digress.

Until we as a society realize that immorality, killing, stealing, taking something that someone else earns (yes, I am including taxation of income here) and other criminal elements are wrong, nothing will change. All guns can be banned, but someone will have another way to inflict death, because they have no fear of A.) the (joke of a) legal system, and B.) no fear for where they will spend eternity after death and after judgement.

The end of these tragedies will only come when teachers are held accountable for teaching, and not offering political agendas. When parents are held responsible for parenting. When parents are held legally responsible for what their underage children do. When parents begin going to jail because their offspring decide to be immoral and commit a crime, perhaps there will be a closer watch on actually what those children are doing. Instead of sending them off somewhere to play video games, or to watch YouTube videos, or to be influenced by Facebook, simply because they (the parents) do not want to be bothered with them.

Being a parent is more than making certain that your child lives to be an adult. It’s more than about just sending your child to a school, and then to a daycare, and then allowing to roam the neighborhood with no supervision. It is about caring what they are doing. It is about showing, and teaching, them right from wrong. It is about taking interest into what they are doing. But, above all else, it is about teaching them morality, the difference between right and wrong, and about God. Parents are not, never have been, and never should be, a “friend” to their child or children. They should be the rule enforcer. They should be the ones that groom their children to be productive members of society.

Until the mentality of Americans shift from “everyone wins” back to the honest approach that life is not fair and you are not guaranteed to win, you will lose, and you will get picked on at some point in your life so get over it, and move on and better yourselfthen killings, rapes, robberies, et. al. will continue. No amount of guns laws will change immorality. No amount of laws in general will change morality.

Until parents are held accountable for parenting, no amount of laws will prevent the violence we have seen in the last decade. The previous’ administration that condoned the demonization of Law Enforcement, and free thinking, morals etc., set America back. It became a norm to blame something or someone else, rather than accepting the failure of those actually responsible. For instance, robbing a store and assaulting it’s owner, assaulting a Police Officer and then getting shot, and yet, it is someone else’s fault. That is the mentality created by eight years.

Children can continue to participate in liberal theatrics, but if they are really interested in changing what has been happening in recent years, or even nineteen years ago (Columbine) they may continue to protest, but they need to protest lack of parenting, lack of morals and lack of God. Until that is done, and until God is allowed to be spoken again freely, without fear of prosecution, and until morality is instilled in our youth, no amount of gun, or otherwise, laws will prevent these horrific deeds from evil people. Until the Ten Commandments are taught again in school and in houses, these atrocities will continue, despite the liberal rhetoric that it is all about inanimate objects. It simply is not. It is about people.

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