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Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines tolerance, in part, as “sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one’s own” and “the act of allowing something.” In today’s digital world, one tends to hear “tolerance” thrown around. And typically, it is a liberal that is suggesting that all people should be tolerant. Everyone should show tolerance. And unfortunately, it is often Conservatives that are accused of intolerance. Day in, and day out. All conservatives, lumped into one “basket of deplorables.” It is true that on the fringe far right (although I would not necessarily even consider them on the right) you have nazi-following disillusioned groups. In know way shape or form should there be “tolerance” for them. Especially when they pursue violence.

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Probably the most recognizable stories to come out of this week is the removal of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ “InfoWars” outlets on Facebook, Apple and YouTube. Twitter has said that his Twitter account would remain, at least for now. CNN supposedly did an “investigative” report on Alex Jones’ InfoWars posts on twitter, and of those posts “investigated” by CNN, according to a spokesperson for Twitter, “seven were found to have violated Twitter’s rules.” CNN further states, “CNN’s investigation found that InfoWars’ and Jones’ Twitter accounts had published content that degraded groups of people on the basis of their religion and gender identity, engaged in the harassment of individuals, glorified violence, and promoted conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook and Parkland shootings.”

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I decided today that I would take a look at I came across a video in which Anderson Cooper was “interviewing” a guest (an American conservative man, Mr. Paris Dennard) about the “tweet” that was made about Don Lemon and Lebron James. At one point in the video, shortly after matter-of-factly-declaring that the response on “Twitter” was, “That’s the response of a 12-year-old”, Cooper not-so-under-his-breath and very condescendingly tells the Mr. Dennard, that “apparently he can’t break publicly from him, or you will get in trouble I guess …” Seriously CNN? You pretend, and keep peddling that you are not biased? That you employ non-biased journalists? This video complete and utterly destroys that narrative.

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***THIS ARTICLE INCLUDES MY PERSONAL OPINIONS. I do attempt – with this and all posts – to back up my thoughts and opinions based on historical records and facts. However, it is still my opinion. I choose to write out my thoughts on this blog, and sharing a link on Facebook rather than the contents itself, so that if you do not agree, you can easily skip.*** In an editorial posted on July twenty-eighth of this year by Zach Carter at The Huffington Post website, a beyond far left-leaning editorial organization, Mr. Carter exclaims that “The Baby Boomers are the…

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Open Letter to Senator Bill Nelson (D-Florida)   Dear Senator Nelson, I will not be voting for you in this midterm election. It is not because I am a conservative voice. It is not because I am a registered Republican (unlike Politicians, I have, and will continue to evaluate on substance, not partisan politics and party lines.) I will not vote for you this midterm election because of my belief that you are not representative of Florida. Your voting record speaks for itself (as seen as in a partial record of your votes in the last few years below.) As…