Making Money Online, Is It Easy? | The Recreational Writer |

Making Money Online, Online Income
The simple answer, and probably not the answer about making money online that you were looking for, is no. It is not easy. Making money online is not cheap either. Whether you are considering dollar amounts in what is, or can be, spent in advertising, or if you decide to go the free route, the cost spent in time. Your time. Despite all of the websites out there that claim millions make from working from home and working online in months, if results like that are possible, it certainly does not come from 1 hour a week typing a blog post. Making money online is no different than any other business model. It takes time, effort, and in most cases, money to not just get started in making money online,…
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Unbrick Belkin F9K1115 v2 Wireless Router | The Recreational Writer |

So, you opted to try an open source firmware on your Belkin F9K1115 v2 Wireless AC 1700 router? Or perhaps you were attempting a stock firmware for it. But something went wrong, and now your F9K1115 v2 is making a decent paperweight. What happened to me was trying to restore the factory firmware using SSH. Everything looked to work great, until the Belkin Wireless AC 1700 router said on in the SSH utility (PuTTY), that the router was restarting. For me, it never came back. Oh the wireless router did try. But, alas, it was stuck in a continuous reboot. I could not SSH back to it, as it would not stay up long enough. The only real signs of life for it was the one small blue LED directly…
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