About Me

Bruce is an expert in Information Technology, with over twelve years of experience in Windows computer and servers. He is also a proud former Cast Member for the Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida, having held positions as Custodial host, Attractions host and Ride Operator (a water park role – basically a Cast Member with the same training in Emergency care/CPR, etc. as a Lifeguard, but not.)

Bruce is also a conservative voice. He does not believe in being offended – if you are “offended” you need thicker skin. He does not believe in big government. He believes that the Founding Fathers created a limited government for a reason, and it should remain that way. The government should provide protection for it’s citizens from foreign invaders, not be citizens’ mother.

Above all else he believes in the power of dialogue and thoughtful discussion from all aspects. If you would like to contribute to this blog, please visit Join The Recreational Writers!