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My sincere apologies for the delay of an update to the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. On an off topic point. Hurricane Michael’s name is likely to be retired. More though to our recovery in Tallahassee. My neighborhood is still without power, which unfortunately has led to the delay in an update, and am now posting […]

Hurricane Michael Aftermath, 10/11/2018

Looks like NOAA investigative plane located winds in excess of 113 knots – 128 knots to be specific. If that measurement holds, that would make Hurricane Michael a Category 4 Major Hurricane. #BeSafe

From the National Hurricane Center (Public Advisory 13A):

As, not only a native Floridian, but, also a native Tallahassee resident, I feel obligated to dispel the myths, and bring up actual serious and very concerning historical facts from the tenure of Andrew Gillum as Tallahassee’s Mayor. As has been covered locally, statewide and nationwide, Mayor Gillum’s government has been, and is still currently, being investigated by the FBI.

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