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So, I had the misfortune, once again, of actually clicking a “Trending” article on Facebook – to be realistic, these “trending” articles are nothing more than free advertising for left leaning media outlets, peddling their propaganda – but, regardless I clicked one. It was in regards to President Trump wanting to, get this, send food […]

A divided Country, illegal wiretaps. Political parties abusing power to negatively affect an opposing political party. Although, one may believe that I am referring to Watergate in 1972, as those were the principal illegal acts, I am not. I am referring to the 2016 election year, and that behavior being exhibited by the DNC, Hillary […]

So, in reading today about the Amtrak train crash that killed one person, and critically injured at least one other, and injured others, I read of Congressmen (GOP) coming to the aid of the injured. Providing CPR to at least one of the victims. I read of a Congressman that is a Veteran, a former […]

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