The State Of The Union Address – What I Learned | The Recreational Writer

To begin, and for complete transparency, this is a political article. Not necessarily political in the way you may think, but does fall within the political realm. I am not going to put one “party” over the other “party”, but merely demonstrate problems that I saw that came out of the, very limited, coverage of the State of The Union Address. Frankly, I preferred to watch the Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel and when that ended at 10PM, the remaining time of the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game on Sun.

Why Florida Needs Workers Rights Laws | The Recreational Writer (

Before I begin this article, let me clarify something. I am a pretty outspoken conservative. I dislike government interference into the daily lives of Americans, and, specifically, me. I believe wholeheartedly in Capitalism, and all that it has created, and the opportunities provided. I believe that if you are unhappy somewhere, you have the right to find somewhere else. Be it work, or any other aspect of life. However, I feel that the last 8 years diminished this possibility, especially with available jobs being less than lackluster, due in large part because of policies instituted in the last eight years.…

Flu Outbreak 2018 – It Is Deadly | The Recreational Writer (

This year’s flu is worse than has been seen in years in the United States. Get tested, save your life.

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I have taken a lot of time going back and forth on this whole blog idea thing. After all, why should I have a blog? Am I interesting enough for people to actually care? Probably not. Perhaps that is what everyone thinks when they are in the process of deciding if they should create a blog, or website, or YouTube channel. We are but one person in a world of billions. What would I say (if writing) or do (if YouTube) that any of those billions of people with their own lives, own time and own everyday goings on and…

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Hello readers! 👋 I have been trying to to decide what I wanted to write about, and if I wanted this to be a single topic site, or just off the cuff what I feel about talking about that day. Maybe a pet peeve site. I have not decided. So for now, it is going to be off the cuff. In particular, it came to my attention recently that I have gained over 20 pounds in less than 8 months. 20. Especially for me, that is a lot. So, the first step of me being able to make a resolution…