In recent posts, I have managed to stray off into the political circus of 2018’s society. But today, I wanted to take a step back, and explain my beliefs behind The Walt Disney World as a place, and as a Company, part from a lifelong fan, and part from a former Cast Member.

To me, from a lifelong fan’s perspective, “Disney” will always be synonymous with The Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. I know full well that Disneyland existed first, and that The Walt Disney Company owns many different businesses in many different genres, including but not limited to, ESPN and ABC, and ownership or close collaboration with companies such as Dreamworks. As a whole, The Walt Disney Company is a massive company. However, as I stated above, to me as a longtime fan, Disney is, well, The Walt Disney Resort in Orlando Florida. So, for the sake of this post, that is what I will discuss and remain focused on.

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Florida, Florida, Florida. 🤦‍♂️ And now Arizona has jumped on the train? We are in the year two thousand and eighteen. Two-Hundred Forty-Two years after our Nation’s birth. Two-Hundred Twenty-Nine years after our Nation’s first Presidential election. And still, we are unable to adequately, and fairly, count election ballots. We can send men to the moon. We can send probes to Mars, the Sun, and even land them on moving asteroids. We can even almost send men to Mars. We can capture what color M&M candy someone is putting in their mouth from two-hundred to thirty-five thousand, seven-hundred eighty-six kilometers in space (depending on the orbit.)

But, we can’t. Count. Ballots.

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I have reached a point that I am just pissed off. Quite frankly. The culmanation of this anger stems from the latest news from my home city of Tallahassee. Four people shot, and the shooter killing himself. ( Then, our pretend city leader, Andrew Gillum, who has pledged, in writing, to defund Law Enforcement tweets out that gun violence is not acceptable. Yet, all other violence is apparently a free for all. 

Quite frankly, with at least crime, Andrew Gillum is not an honest person. 

See here. Here. As this shows, through 2016, crime rate decreased, but was still higher than the national and state average. This one. This list truly goes on and on. Do yourself the favor and just google “Tallahassee Crime Rates.”

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Today marks a dark time in our Nation’s history. As has been widely reported in news media, some psychologically imbalanced person mailed items that at first look and after more investigations [apparently] are, or were designed to replicate, explosive devices to former President Barack Obama’s residence, former President Bill Clinton & Former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Joe Biden, former CIA director John Brennan and Robert De Niro.

Let me be abundantly clear to this point. I in no way whatsoever condone any form of violence or rhetoric of violence, in any form, for any reason (other than self defense.) And especially not when it concerns political views. That is not what we are as United States Citizens. That is not what America stands for, nor has it ever been. We are a nation built on Democracy, not intimidation. We are a nation built on dialogue, and yes, disagreeing views, but solve that using dialogue and our fundamental right to vote.

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Or is it? Ever since President Donald Trump uttered that word, nationalist, the social media world, and perhaps liberal and “democrat” minds everywhere, has been afire. How completely horrible that anyone, let alone the President of the United States, would say such a horrible, racist, neo-Nazi, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, word.


Well, not exactly. Calm down liberals everywhere. First and foremost, the very definition, per Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary is, “a member of a political party or group advocating national independence or strong national government.” it lists a synonym as, “patriotic.”

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My sincere apologies for the delay of an update to the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. On an off topic point. Hurricane Michael’s name is likely to be retired.

More though to our recovery in Tallahassee. My neighborhood is still without power, which unfortunately has led to the delay in an update, and am now posting from my phone. Ah the wonders of modern technology!

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